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Living each day like you're already dead

The Band

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Who is in Atreyu?



Alex Varkatzas (vocals)


Brandon Saller (drums & vocals)


Dan Jacobs(guitar)


Travis Miguel(guitar)


Marc McKnight(bass)

Alex Varkatzas
Sign: Capricorn
Born: 17/01/82 in Anaheim, CA- the ferocious, menacing, caustic and seething skull. Varkatzas’ rich allegorical songwriting focuses on dealing with the human growth struggle and the pain and desire of relationships
Brandon Saller
Sign: Cancer
Born: 24/06/83 in LA - the tranquilizing, harmonious, Elysian cranium
Dan Jacobs
Sign: Cancer
Born: 30/06/82
Travis Miguel
Sign: Aries
Born: 25/03/79 in Fountain Valley, CA
Marc McKnight
Sign: Sagittarius
Born: 01/12/83

Atreyu has had many ups and downs following the release of their album Suicide Notes and Butterfly kisses because of changes that occurred with some band members. Here are some info on what has happened 

Atreyu includes:

When Atreyu released Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, it's members were:
Dan Jacobs on guitar
Chris Thompson on bass
Brandon Saller on drums and melody
Travis Miguel on guitar
and Alex Varkatzas with vocals
When Atreyu released The Curse, the band member were:
Marc Mcknight on bass
Brandon Saller on both drums and vocals
Travis Miguel on Guitar
Dan Jacobs on guitar
and Alex Varkatzas with vocals
Not many sources know why Chris Thopson left the band after Atreyu's first album and Marc McKnight joined them on bass after Chris left. Some say chris was unhappy with the way the band was making their songs. Others say he wasn't happy with the way the band was going. Even though Chris isn't a member of the band, him and Atreyu are still friends